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A flurry of research illuminates snow's foes

High Country News, March 2018

Fight over household wells highlights rural growing pains

High Country News, Feb 2018 (picked up by Water Deeply)

The tiny power plant that shapes the Colorado River — merely by existing

High Country News, Jan 2018 (radio interview on KDNK in Carbondale, CO; picked up by Water Deeply and the Durango Herald)

After Oroville, officials across the West review dam safety

High Country News, Dec 2017 (follow-up: What went wrong at Oroville?)

In Utah, public access to state lands comes at a cost

High Country News, Nov 2017

As sediment builds, one dam faces its comeuppance

High Country News, Oct 2017 (radio interview on KVNF in Paonia, CO)

U.S. and Mexico agree to share a shrinking Colorado River

High Country News, Sept 2017 (follow-up: Why a Colorado River reunion with the sea isn't a guarantee)

How farmers can help keep salt out of the Colorado River

High Country News, Aug 2017 (radio interview on KVNF in Paonia, CO; starts at 1:08; picked up by the Durango Herald)

Climate change is shrinking the West's water supply

High Country News, May 2017 (picked up by Grist and Mother Jones)

The wine industry's battle with climate change

High Country News, May 2017 (radio interview on KVNF in Paonia, CO; starts at 4:06)

Planes, pits & snowmobiles: how scientists get good data

High Country News, March 2017 (picked up by Wired; radio interview on KVNF in Paonia, CO)

Sustainable tuna fishing is bad for climate – here’s why

New Scientist, Jan 2017 (PDF)

Bees collect honeydew from bugs before spring blossoms arrive

New Scientist, Nov 2016 (PDF)

Flower hijacks the fragrance of attacked bees to imprison flies

New Scientist, Oct 2016 (PDF)

Oil pipeline leak threatens Alabama river rich in unique species

New Scientist, Sept 2016 (PDF)

Fluorescent jellyfish proteins light up unconventional laser

New Scientist, Aug 2016 (PDF)

Save the world's largest living thing: build a fence around it

New Scientist, July 2016 (PDF); (picked up by the Washington Post)

'Landmark study' solves mystery behind classic evolution story

Science, June 2016 (PDF)

Move over, California grizzlies: Lace lichen becomes state symbol

San Jose Mercury News, Feb 2016 (PDF)

Giant balls of bacteria pile up on Arctic lake beds, ooze toxin, Dec 2015; Eos print magazine, Feb 2016 (PDF)


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