Water & policy

Congress sends bill bolstering earthquake program to Trump / High Country News, Dec 2018 (shared by Sen. Lisa Murkowski)

Tribal nations hold some of the best water rights in the West / High Country News, May 2018 (picked up by Water Deeply and the Durango Herald)

Fight over household wells highlights rural growing pains / High Country News, Feb 2018 (picked up by Water Deeply)

The tiny power plant that shapes the Colorado River — merely by existing / High Country News, Jan 2018 (radio interview on KDNK in Carbondale, CO; picked up by Water Deeply and the Durango Herald)

Water supplies fouled by fire / High Country News, Dec 2017; Mother Jones, Dec 2017

After Oroville, officials across the West review dam safety / High Country News, Dec 2017 (follow-up: What went wrong at Oroville?)

California Westlands water settlement in limbo / High Country News, Nov 2017; Water Deeply, Nov 2017 (radio interview on KVPR in California)

Interior sends mixed signals on California water project / High Country News, Oct 2017

A flood of drought news can reduce water use / High Country News, Oct 2017

One in 30 wells in the West failed in recent years / High Country News, Oct 2017

As sediment builds, one dam faces its comeuppance / High Country News, Oct 2017 (radio interview on KVNF in Paonia, CO)

California water project could cramp Colorado River Plan / High Country News, Sept 2017

Will Utah dam the Bear River? / High Country News, Sept 2017

U.S. and Mexico agree to share a shrinking Colorado River / High Country News, Sept 2017 (follow-up: Why a Colorado River reunion with the sea isn't a guarantee)

How farmers can help keep salt out of the Colorado River / High Country News, Aug 2017 (radio interview on KVNF in Paonia, CO; picked up by the Durango Herald)

A legal snarl in Idaho portends future conflicts over water / High Country News, Aug 2017; Water Deeply, Aug 2017

Meet the latest Trump administration nominees / High Country News, July 2017; Mother Jones, July 2017

More than 1 million comments were submitted to Interior (national monuments review) / High Country News, July 2017

Can private money solve public water problems? / High Country News, June 2017

Climate change is shrinking the West's water supply / High Country News, May 2017 (picked up by Grist and Mother Jones)

In these Western cities, using less water costs more / High Country News, May 2017

Oil pipeline leak threatens Alabama river rich in unique species / New Scientist, Sept 2016 (PDF)

Giant balls of bacteria pile up on Arctic lake beds, ooze toxin / Eos.org, Dec 2015; Eos print magazine, Feb 2016 (PDF)

Earth & environment

National Parks are warming twice as fast as the U.S. overall / High Country News, Sept 2018

An Alaska ballot measure could kill Pebble Mine / High Country News, Sept 2018 (picked up by Mother Jones)

All (climate) politics is local / High Country News, April 2018

A flurry of research illuminates snow's foes / High Country News, March 2018

'Atmospheric rivers' aid the West — and imperil it / High Country News, Jan 2018; Mother Jones, Jan 2018

2017 in natural disasters / High Country News, Dec 2017

In Utah, public access to state lands comes at a cost / High Country News, Nov 2017

In monuments report, a skewed view of protections / High Country News, Sept 2017

How oceans impact Western reservoirs and rivers / High Country News, Sept 2017; Oceans Deeply, Sept 2017

The fire season by the numbers / High Country News, Aug 2017

The wine industry's battle with climate change / High Country News, May 2017 (radio interview on KVNF in Paonia, CO; starts at 4:06)

Without a drought, California takes stock / High Country News, April 2017

Winter snows bring spring flows / High Country News, April 2017; Mother Jones, April 2017

What the West was like before the EPA / High Country News, April 2017

Planes, pits & snowmobiles: how scientists get good data / High Country News, March 2017 (picked up by Wired; radio interview on KVNF in Paonia, CO)

Why desalination alone won't water the West / High Country News, Feb 2017

Sustainable tuna fishing is bad for climate – here’s why / New Scientist, Jan 2017 (PDF)

The sweet scent of plastic lures seabirds to a dangerous snack / New Scientist, Nov 2016 (PDF)

Artificial killer cells mimic life as they wipe out opponents / New Scientist, Oct 2016 (PDF)

Monsanto cuts deal to use CRISPR to engineer food / New Scientist, Sept 2016 (PDF)

Oil pipeline construction halted after Native American protests / New Scientist, Sept 2016 (PDF)

Ancient rock formations could be oldest fossils on the planet / New Scientist, Aug 2016 (PDF)

First US offshore wind farm will power an entire island / New Scientist, Aug 2016 (PDF)

World’s oldest ocean crust dates back to ancient supercontinent / New Scientist, Aug 2016 (PDF)

Fossils, islands and forests added to UNESCO World Heritage List / New Scientist, July 2016 (PDF)

Probing waters to track life / Mercury News, June 2016 (PDF)

These fungal spores 'talk' to each other to find partners / Science, April 2016 (PDF)

Seesawing sea surface height corresponds with global temperatures, study finds / GeoSpace, Dec 2015 (PDF)

Tiny fuel spills at gas stations can contaminate soil / GeoSpace, Dec 2015 (PDF)

Preserved trees that grew 12,000 years ago improve radiocarbon dating calibrations / GeoSpace, Dec 2015 (PDF)

New dams may expose Canadian seafood consumers to higher levels of neurotoxin / Mongabay, Nov 2015 (PDF)

El Niño pushes California calamari landings down / Santa Cruz Sentinel, Nov 2015 (PDF); San Jose Mercury News, Nov 2015

King tides hit Monterey Bay / Santa Cruz Sentinel, Nov 2015 (PDF)

Dungeness delays hit businesses hard / Santa Cruz Sentinel, Nov 2015 (PDF)

Apples need winter's bite / Santa Cruz Sentinel, Oct 2015 (PDF)

Animals & plants

Marine mammals and turtles rebound after endangered species protections / High Country News, Jan 2019

How politics could impact future counts of Yellowstone grizzlies / High Country News, Oct 2018

Comment period ending for sage grouse review / High Country News, Nov 2017

Invade, steal water: The plant spreading in Utah's wetlands / High Country News, March 2017

Bees of the sea: Tiny crustaceans pollinate underwater plants / New Scientist, Dec 2016 (PDF)

Pilot whales babysit each other’s young while swimming in groups / New Scientist, Nov 2016 (PDF)

Bees collect honeydew from bugs before spring blossoms arrive / New Scientist, Nov 2016 (PDF)

Flower hijacks the fragrance of attacked bees to imprison flies / New Scientist, Oct 2016 (PDF)

Invading giant geckos get stuck on a single building / New Scientist, Oct 2016 (PDF)

Chimps, bonobos and orangutans grasp how others view the world / New Scientist, Oct 2016 (PDF)

Don’t worry, bee happy: Bees found to have emotions and moods / New Scientist, Sept 2016 (PDF)

White gulls dependent on ice are disappearing from the Arctic / New Scientist, Sept 2016 (PDF)

Stonefly lays eggs or has live births depending on the season / New Scientist, Sept 2016 (PDF)

Birds sing to their unborn chicks to warn them about hot weather / New Scientist, Aug 2016 (PDF)

Marsupial lion’s primate-like forearms made it a unique predator / New Scientist, Aug 2016 (PDF)

Selfish dogs would rather play with a toy than help a human / New Scientist, Aug 2016 (PDF)

Mystery of why some sunflowers track the sun across skies solved / New Scientist, Aug 2016 (PDF)

Giant honeybees may act like a collective lung to beat the heat / New Scientist, Aug 2016 (PDF)

Videos reveal the Russian doll parasitic world of the deep seas / New Scientist, Aug 2016 (PDF)

Save the world's largest living thing: build a fence around it / New Scientist, July 2016 (PDF); (picked up by the Washington Post)

Bees spew water at their hive-mates when the temperature rises / New Scientist, July 2016 (PDF)

Hammerhead sharks roll over and swim sideways to save energy / New Scientist, July 2016 (PDF)

Kiss of death marks young ant rivals for worker kill squad / New Scientist, July 2016 (PDF)

'Landmark study' solves mystery behind classic evolution story / Science, June 2016 (PDF)

Giraffe genome reveals clues to sky-scraping height / Science, May 2016 (PDF)

Altruism in owls? Chicks perform surprisingly generous act / Science, May 2016 (PDF)

'Trap-jaw' spiders chomp down with surprising force / Science, April 2016 (PDF)

Move over, California grizzlies: Lace lichen becomes state symbol / San Jose Mercury News, Feb 2016 (PDF)

Critically endangered leatherback sea turtles still roam the Pacific, for now / San Jose Mercury News, Jan 2016 (PDF)

Red frogs are more devilish than their green counterparts / Science, Dec 2015 (PDF)

Harbor seals hang out on glacier ice / GeoSpace, Dec 2015 (PDF)

Robotic raptors reveal complexities of avian alarm / Santa Cruz Sentinel, Nov 2015 (PDF)


The most detailed look yet at how early humans left Africa / New Scientist, Sept 2016 (PDF)

Ancient Chinese beer recipe reveals surprising ingredient / Science, May 2016 (PDF)

A woman's pelvis narrows as she ages / Science, April 2016 (PDF)

Human sacrifice may have helped societies become more complex / Science, April 2016 (PDF)


Building blocks of memories seen in brains for the first time / New Scientist, Sept 2016 (PDF)

Rewinding memories may help us recall where the good stuff is / New Scientist, Aug 2016 (PDF)

Triple-whammy drug kills parasites that make 20 million sick / New Scientist, Aug 2016 (PDF)

US could be set to tackle opioid painkiller epidemic at last / New Scientist, July 2016 (PDF)

Meningitis at Santa Clara University (series with Tracy Seipel): Students fretSecond student testedWhy isn't new vaccine universally recommended? / San Jose Mercury News, Feb 2016 (PDF fretPDF testedPDF vaccine)

Space & physics

Offshore oil drilling could hamper Arctic aurora research / High Country News, Nov 2018

Biggest radio telescope on Earth ready to receive alien signals / New Scientist, Sept 2016 (PDF)

Saturn’s rings may be from the whirl of a passing icy rock / New Scientist, Sept 2016 (PDF)

Tiny lightning bolt explosions can vaporise the moon’s thin soil / New Scientist, Sept 2016 (PDF)

Here’s what colourful clouds on alien gas giants would look like / New Scientist, Sept 2016 (PDF)

Fluorescent jellyfish proteins light up unconventional laser / New Scientist, Aug 2016 (PDF)

Spatter from blood-soaked sponges could aid gun forensics / New Scientist, Aug 2016 (PDF)

How to expose a fake nuke without revealing what’s inside / New Scientist, July 2016 (PDF)

Five incredible things we know about Pluto since 2015’s fly-by / New Scientist, July 2016 (PDF)

Westlake Elementary School students explore NASA Mars research / Santa Cruz Sentinel, Oct 2015 (PDF)