The future of The Watershed

The Watershed has been my weekly companion for over a year – during that time, I’ve researched and written about everything from mystery-solving fish DNA buried in 2,000-year-old sediment to aquatic creatures (both large and small) eating, breathing, vomiting, hitching a ride on other animals to get from place to place, and simply living their lives. For every paper, project, or place I covered, there were at least ten others, all equally engaging, that I could’ve chosen instead. Aquatic ecology is a thriving field, and I hope to continue to explore the issues surrounding our world’s water in the future – to that end, I’m about to begin a new adventure.

After five years spent watching the rolling hills of the Palouse change colors with the seasons, this fall I moved to coastal California to begin the Science Communication Program at U.C. Santa Cruz.

I suspect the rigors of graduate school will prevent me from continuing weekly posts on The Watershed, so as of this week I’m suspending regular contributions – I will, however, continue to post stories as they come up, as they’re sure to do.

In the meantime, thanks for reading – and don’t be afraid to get your feet wet!

A view of California's central coast. 

(Image by Emily Benson)